Bristol's Greatest Woman Painter Predicted Northern Rock Crisis

by Tony Gosling
on Tuesday 04 Dec 2007

type: Opinion/Analysis
topic: Miscellaneous
region: Bristol
I asked them to dust it off and get it back in the public gallery as it was rather a prophetic piece. Ironicly these two women decided not to put on show another woman's great work, which arguably takes a pop at the exclusively man's world of banking... They sent me a polite refusal.

I'm thinking of starting a campaign to get them to put the painting on permanent display.

Rolinda Sharples, The Stoppage of the Bank (1831). The scene is set in a fictional Guinea Street, which has a certain resemblance to Bristol's Corn Street. On the right is a bank whose closure is causing dismay. Behind it is the famous Dutch House which stood on the corner of Wine Street and High Street until destroyed in the Blitz. In the background is All Saints Church, which Sharples has shifted to a new position for artistic effect. (Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.)

A print of this painting costs £60.00 and you have to get it from Italy. Not exacly public access is it!?