Easton Arts Trail

by Liz
on Sunday 22 Jun 2008

type: Event Notice
topic: Community
region: Bristol
event time: Saturday 21 Jun 2008 23:00
There is a full list on the website, but some of the places open are:

Silai for Skills
An exhibition of textile works, a card-making workshop at noon, My Easton - Make an Easton Memory Swatch workshop running 11am - 1pm, Traditional costume from around the world event 1pm-2pm, plus a variety of stalls selling handmade items and a cafe serving yummy vegetarian and vegan food.

Easton Community Centre
Exhibitions by a large variety of Artists, a cafe and also a bag decorating workshop 3pm-5pm, There are also art installations on the cycle path nearby.

Easton Christian Family Centre
An exhibition of art by members of the congregation and community users of the centre.
A variety of craft workshops and events throughout the day, a cafe selling cake and snacks.

Stapleton Road chapel
An exhibition of artwork by children and refugees 2 - 4:30pm

St Marks Baptist Church
Exhibitions by a variety of artists

Kebele Social Centre
Exhibition of art by Kebele art collective

Also there are many open houses, exhibiting a wide variety of art, usually in the artists own home, wander in, have a look at the art, a chat with the artist and maybe get a drink and some cake too!

For more places open and the location of the open houses check out the map here - http://www.eastonartstrail.co.uk/index.php/print-map/

Hope to see many people on the trail on Sunday as Saturday was a bit slow!
Link: http://www.eastonartstrail.com