Updated! Babylon Towers Disrupted

by imcvol
on Wednesday 24 Sep 2008

type: Feature
topic: Corporations
region: Bristol
Further Updated! While Del Naja of Massive Attack critisied the development, ...how to spend 500 million pounds and bring the city to its knees- a star studded night of portable TV celebs, shopping debt repayment collectors and total auto gridlock.... (via Bristol Blogger) cabot writes: '50% Off Everything, Everywhere, Everyone' reads the voucher that was posted through the door today. Could Cabot Circus really be offering credit-crunched bristolians 50% off everything? On closer reading all is explained - "The advertised price of goods under UK law is only an offer - called an 'invitation to treat'. It is legal to negotiate. You may get better discounts if you talk to the manager as part of a large group offering to pay the same price."...Full article.

Updated! Crunch Cabot writes; CRUNCH CABOT CREDIT CIRCUS was emblazoned across the vile new complex’s advertising hoard in plain view of motorists arriving through the newly routed, soon to be congested, road system that snakes around the £500 million project that offers yet more sterile, soulless, capitalist consumerism. Full article.

Updated!The bristol-blogosphere has responded to the new development with a number of interesting posts around the subject and it's coverage; Evening Post Watch writes about Joined up journalism and Bread and Cabot Circuses, The Bristol Blogger notes the Nichols ripple trickle piffle and that BBC ain’t life brand? finally, the Green Bristol Blog observes the Cabot Cacophony.

George Nonbio writes; “Roll Up, Roll Up. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the unique and splendiferous; to the fantastic and extraordinary...the Cabot Circus Launch event! This will be a day of amazing performances, incredible music and a theatrical extravaganza” says the welcome message on the Cabot Circus home page. The Visit Bristol website reads "Having taken over three years to build and costing in excess of £500 million, Cabot Circus will provide city centre visitors with over 120 new shops, including 15 major flagship stores." What neither of these sites remember to mention is that around 40 of these so called "new" stores already exist in Bristol, many will simply be moving up the road leaving empty shells in Broadmead and yet more in the Galleries, as yet some of the spaces that will be created still have not been filled. Another issue conveniently neglected is that on the day of the grand opening one third of the new units in Cabot Circus will stand empty as branches will not have moved in and contracts still have not been signed. The city is simply over saturated; we already have at least one of each high street chain... Full article.

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