Updated! Christmas at Raytheon

by imcvol
on Friday 26 Dec 2008

type: Feature
topic: Peace
region: Bristol
Updated! Ed Hill updates us on the ongoing protest; Supporters rallied at the Raytheon office building in Bristol and passed up a seasonal fare on the end of a rope. Christmas music blared out across the sterile corporate landscape – provided by linking a radio to a megaphone. The protesters, wearing Santa hats and coats, enjoyed their dinner sitting on a balcony on the side of the Raytheon building. Full article.

Following the famous throwing of shoes at Gorge Bush, a group of Bristolians stages their own 'show protest'. Ed Hill writes; Approximately thirty supporters rallied near the Raytheon building, waving banners and chanting anti-war slogans. Many were also waving shoes in protest against the war in Iraq. They included anti-arms-trade campaigners from the local area, members of the Bristol Stop-The-War coalition, plus supporters from the Smash-EDO campaign in Brighton and from across the country. Three vehicles, a dozen police officers, plus several private security guards tried to stop the protest getting near the building or passing up food, water, or supplies to the rooftop. One protester said - “We’re delighted to see how the support for this protest is building. While so many other people are busy with shopping and consumerism, what's more important than stopping war, obstructing the arms trade, and upholding international law against the likes of Raytheon?” The protesters plan to stay indefinitely, including over the Christmas period and into the New Year to protest Bristol’s involvement in the arms trade. They are currently equipping themselves with Santa hats & coats plus a Christmas tree with tinsel and flashing lights. Supporters plan to rally again on Christmas day to support the rooftop protest. Full article.

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