Big Green Gathering Cancelled

by imcvol
on Monday 27 Jul 2009

type: Feature
topic: Policing
region: South West
Jo Makepeace of SchNEWSwrites: The Big Green Gathering, a fixture in the alternative calendar, was due to return after two years this week. 15–20,000 people were expected to turn up on Wednesday (29th) to the site near Cheddar, Somerset, for Europe’s largest green event ... It’s clear that the Big Green has been singled out – and any gathering promoting those values or trying to organise in a grass-roots way will probably suffer the same fate once they get to a certain size. As corporate-branded Glasto has become a fixture on the mainstream calendar, like Ascot or Wimbledon, many have turned towards smaller more ‘grass-roots’ festivals. Niche festivals have bloomed across the British landscape. No matter what your bent, be it faerie wings or S&M, there’s probably a muddy weekend in a field for you....

.adelayde writes: The official line from the Big Green Gathering is that the local police and Mendip District Council have made a clear and consistent effort to 'break' the Big Green Gathering, something that they have managed to do today. Word in the field is that the police had prior knowledge of the injunction, some say up to three weeks ago. This would mean that having prior knowledge they allowed many people to run up expenses and costs that will most likely lead to the financial ruin of many individuals and certainly the festival itself. ... Full article.

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