Re-tool the Entire Industrial Revolution.

by Jack
on Sunday 02 Aug 2009

type: News Report
topic: The Environment
region: Bristol
The present situation is that thirty-five percent of the oxygen that was present since before the beginning of the first industrial revolution, has been burned out and replaced with carbon-dioxide. It does not take a rocket scientist to prove that only a few more percentage points will cause trouble for breathing for our entire specie. Already birds flying on migaration paths over big Canadian and American cities are falling out of the air and dying because the fumes are so bad that no oxygen is available to them, especially after a rush hour. The replacement of fossil fuels with solar, tidal, and wind power would stop about 97% of the fossil fuel poisoning of the atmosphere. That would allow the green ecological balance to remove the carbon and give back clean oxygen again. That means the trees give us oxygen and take out carbon for their cell growth, and that allows nature to replenish the atmosphere. Liberation is with solar , tidal, and wind power. In a word electricity. Miners would then be working mining the sun , and solar batteries would be placed on each and every roof top in the world. The dark as a dungeon working conditions would be gone forever. ---A Miner's Lifeguard.