Bridgwater Forward!

by tom
on Wednesday 23 Sep 2009

type: News Report
topic: Community
region: Somerset

The decision to close the Pool was made by Conservative-controlled Sedgemoor District Council, the vast majority of whom do not even live in Bridgwater. In the current financial climate, we have no faith in the “promise” to provide a new pool in 3 years’ time.
We are leaving no stone unturned to save our current pool from demolition: including through Judicial Review, the Council’s own Complaints Procedure, the Local Government Ombudsman , and, not least, by placing demands upon Tesco, who seem to have been secretly involved for some time as the sole bidder for the Splash site.

Conservative councillors on Sedgemoor District Council, and our Conservative MP are a disgrace. The haste with which the Splash Pool was closed to accommodate the secret deal with Tesco should never be forgiven by the people of Bridgwater.

All those who make decisions affecting Bridgwater citizens should be made accountable for their actions at any future elections.

The fight to save the Splash is not over, and we need the people of Bridgwater’s continued moral, financial and practical support for this vital campaign, which involves disabled groups, young people, traders, trades unionists: all of whom are determined to get justice for Bridgwater.

Bridgwater Forward will fight on until swimming facilities are restored to the town centre and Sedgemoor’s actions are brought to account. Come and help us!

We meet weekly, so please join us.