How Mendip District Council bankrupted the Big Green Gathering

by Tony Gosling
on Monday 05 Oct 2009

type: Opinion/Analysis
topic: Media and Culture
region: Bristol
This radio programme was originally transmitted between 5 and 6pm on Friday 2nd October 2009 and features an extended interview with festival organiser Brig Oobridge. Brig believes that Europe's foremost green festival was shut down for political reasons, presumably because the gathering represents a meeting of some of the most radical minds in 21st century Britain. Certain Avon and Somerset police officers, in conjunction with certain Mendip District Council officers look to have colluded to find literally any excuse, however flimsy, to make sure the festival did not take place knowing that this would bankrupt the Big Green Gathering company. The allegation is that these police and Mendip (Conservative) council officers have political differences with the festival organisers and participants.
Brig talks about the origins of the gathering and, step by step, takes us through the events, financial difficulties and broken agreements that led to the resignation of the Big Green Gathering's directors and cancellation and bankruptcy of the 2009 festival.


Big Green Gathering cancelled due to Police & District Council pressure

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