Dialect - Tesco and the Daily Telegraph force Wells newsagent out of business

by Dialect
on Thursday 05 Nov 2009

type: News Report
topic: Media and Culture
region: Somerset
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00:00 - Introduction
01:00 - Martin Cooke from Wells explains why he believes a Daily Telegraph newspaper voucher scheme led to him having to close down his family business
10:30 - Arnos Vale Cemetery heritage tour with Dave Napier http://www.arnosvalefriends.org.uk/
22:30 - US publisher and editor Kris Milligan's father used to work for the US's Central Intelligence Agency and Kris links the CIA to drug wars and drug running. http://www.trineday.com http://www.ctrl.org
30:30 - The Alternative View III Conference taking place in Bristol next weekend http://avlll.co.uk/
35:15 - Chris Betts, Somerset Blues guitarist from 'The Conection' talks about the music scene in Somerset and Bristol
http://www.theconnectionmusic.co.uk/ http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/artists/Chris_Betts/13474/
46:00 - An Inkeepers' Diary by John Fothergill, read by Malcolm Grieves
54:30 - What's On with Jeff Sparkes
58:00 - Credits

Presenter: John Peters-Coleman
Studio Engineers: Jonny Roydon and Mark Condon
Reporters: Anthea Page and Tony Gosling
Contributors: Jeff Sparkes and Malcolm Grieves
Producer: Tony Gosling
Link: http://www.dialectradio.co.uk