Tired of Denialist on Bristol Indymedia?

by WTF
on Tuesday 08 Dec 2009

type: Opinion/Analysis
topic: The Environment
region: South West
Here's a classic:
One article argues how the aforementioned single NZ weather monitor corrupts a whole countries statistics because it is too close to concrete, and therefore has a +/- 2'c error rate (they are only interested in the fact it would be too high, ignoring the fact the reading might equally be too low).

Then the next article proudly trumpets that less than 50% of the US public believe in "global warming".

If you look at the stats that is based on, you see that in fact 68% believe that Global warming is a proven fact, and only 31% believe it is unproven.
The "national poll" is based on only 523 interviews, and here's the best bit: has a sampling error of +/- 4.5%!

You couldn't make it up! :-)