Cardiff Demo Against the Badger Killers

by Bristol Animal Rights Collective
on Friday 18 Jun 2010

type: News Report
topic: Protests
region: South Wales
For over two hours around 30 of us formed an impressive display of protesters, placards and noise. The support from passing motorists was immense, with a high proportion of drivers tooting their horns at us, several buses, cement mixers and Cardiff City Council vehicles among many others. This badger cull is clearly even more unpopular than we already believed it to be.

It seems that Thomson are equally unpopular within the office block in which they have opened their new Cardiff office as most of the workers coming out for lunch were keen to take a leaflet and people from other offices were coming out to see what was going on.

The people of Wales don't want the badgers to be killed, Thomson. It's time you and the Welsh Assembly listened to the public rather than the farmers. We'll be back for more demos in the next few weeks. We'll continue to let people know what you are involved in until you pull out of the cull and leave the badgers alone.

Farming spreads TB, badgers don't.

More photos of the protest here: