Street art pioneer ‘Inkie’ set to raise money for Cochlear Implant Programme

by Navina Bartlett
on Thursday 16 Dec 2010

type: Press Release
topic: Media and Culture
region: Bristol
; Internationally respected Bristolian graffiti artist, Inkie will donate 25% of all opening sales at his forthcoming exhibition in Bristol to Southmead hospital.

‘Celebrating 25 years of Ink - Part Two’ is set to open on Thursday 16th December at The Bank of Stokes Croft following a hugely popular first show, which sold out on day one. The new exhibition will cover Inkie’s iconic graffiti work, Ink Nouveau ladies on canvas and a selection of new prints. In addition, prints from a recent exhibition as part of The Art Trail Bristol which took place in November at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Brislington, will also be featured.

Tom ‘Inkie’ Bingle, 40, born and raised in Clifton, Bristol and has been painting graffiti since 1984. He is one of the most influential Bristol artists who came out of the Bristol ‘80s scene and has collaborated with the likes of Banksy, 3D and Nick Walker.

Inkie was keen to raise money for the West of England Cochlear Implant Programme at Southmead Hospital as his daughter, Joni, aged six, who has a cochlear implant fitted, is now able to hear a good range of sounds and understand common phrases without lip reading or signing support.

Cochlear implants are electronic devices that can help profoundly and severely deaf people to hear. The internal parts consist of a receiver and an electrode array. These are implanted during surgery. The external parts consist of a transmitter coil, a lead and a sound processor with microphone and batteries. These are fitted and tuned about one month after surgery. The transmitter coil is held in the right place by a magnet. Adults and older children usually wear their sound processor tucked over their ear like a hearing aid.

Tom Bingle, aka ‘Inkie’ stated;

“The cochlear implant has undoubtedly improved my daughter’s quality of life and I’m determined to raise enough cash each year to enable at least one child to have a cochlear implant fitted.”

Mr Philip Robinson, Director of the West of England Cochlear Implant Programme, stated: "We are incredibly grateful to Tom for holding this event and donating a quarter of the proceeds to the cochlear implant programme here at Southmead Hospital. We wish him all the best with his show."

Tom ‘Inkie’ Bingle held a charity art auction in London last year and raised £24,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Everyone who attends the’ Celebrating 25 years of Ink – Part Two’ exhibition will be asked to donate money to the fund.

Inkie’s recent exhibitions have been held in Bristol, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Warsaw, Glasgow and Lisbon.
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