Protest Clegg - Friday 11th - 7pm - Bath

by Bath Against Cuts
on Tuesday 08 Feb 2011

type: Press Release
topic: Protests
region: Bristol

   Following on from the announcement that Nick Clegg will be visiting Bath on Friday the 11th, Various local groups (after a hasty phone meeting) have decided to call an emergency protest.

    The demo will assemble on Friday the 11th of Feb at 7pm in Pigeon park (lower borough walls - opposite the Lamb and Lion), Bath ready to meet Clegg when he begins speaking at the Chapel Arts Centre (next to pigeon park) at 7.30pm.

    This could be a chance to meet Nick up cose and personal - not an opportunity to be missed!

     The visit was only announced today, so we only have 2 days to mobilise, please help by turning up and spreading word of this event in whatever way you can.

      Let's chase tory Nick out of the westcountry!