The Last of the International Brigaders

by Budgie
on Thursday 03 Mar 2011

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Image from the Spanish civil war

While a plaque in Castle park, Bristol is a constant reminder to the four Bristolian men who were killed in the Spanish Civil War, it is important younger generations re-visit the reason they made the ultimate sacrifice.

There is an exhibition touring parts of the country on this very subject. The nearest - and just squeezing into the south west is at the following venue on the 28th March -16th April.

28 March-16 April: IBMT’s “Antifascistas”exhibitionat the Great Hall,The Castle, Winchester, Hampshire SO238PJ ; 10am-5pm

The list of the other venues to be used can be found (on page 8) at:

Had the British Government had its wits about it back in 1936 it would be fair to say that they would of saved millions of lives let alone avoided the mass suffering around much of the world as a result of the 1939-1945 world war. There are accounts of how the British Government actually went out of its way to prevent volunteers from signing up!

A very interesting programme on the efforts that the more clued up working class men and women made back then inorder to give their support in the fight against the advances of fascism. It can be heard here (unfortunately you only have four days left to here this important story from those that lived it) :

The Last of the International Brigaders:

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