Council Does U-Turn on Promised New School - Sign to Petition to say 'Keep Your Promises'

by FW
on Thursday 17 Mar 2011

type: News Report
topic: Local Government
region: Bristol

The council has promised a new school for St Pauls by rebuilding Catbot School.  Indeed this has been the core of agreement with for communit for new developments like Dove Lane.

Yet, the School Organisation Strategy has been published ahead of the BCC Cabinet meeting on the 24th of March and, unfortunately, a new Cabot School is not being recommended.

After years of consultation and promises, this is completely unacceptable.  In response to this paper we have organised a petition (online via the website or directly at: that people can sign and share around.

We have been promised a new school and put too much effort into consultations to simply accept that it's not now going to happen and that other schools are being given preference for new buildings.  Please help us collect as many signatures as possible on these petitions and encourage other residents to get involved.  All petitions need to be in the office by 5pm on Tuesday the 22nd ...

Please sign the petition!