Graeme Hicks RESIGN Petition

by Jeremy Schanche
on Tuesday 05 Apr 2011

type: Press Release
topic: The Environment
region: Kernow/Cornwall


A petition demanding the resignation or dismissal of Councillor Graeme Hicks of Cornwall Council is online now at:   (or simply google Graeme Hicks RESIGN).  

The SAVE THE HOLY HEADLAND Campaign has initiated this action in the belief that a large number of people in West Cornwall believe that Mr Hicks is not doing the job he is paid for by representing our wishes.   Mr Hicks has a history of repeatedly insulting the public, refusing to debate with local people, making wildly unprofessional statements, and aggresively propagating a scheme which would have concreted over a small Cornish beach -  contravening both the Penwith Local Plan and the international Aarhus Convention,  This has never been wanted by the people of Penzance and West Cornwall.  This scheme, involving a partnership with Nuclear multi-nationals Birse and Halcrow, has wasted vast sums of public money and has now been rejected by central government.  The petition is a channel of expression for the many many people who feel that it is time for Mr Hicks to move on.