Stokes Croft Tesco about to reopen

by Tony Gosling
on Wednesday 11 May 2011

type: News Report
topic: Policing
region: Bristol

Quite clearly Tesco's operations manager for the South West and our CORRUPT (according to the Bridgwater MP in the House Of Commons) Chief Constable Colin Port have had a little 'tete-a-tete' and drawn up an economic terrorism plan for Stokes Croft. Nothing is going to be allowed to stand in its way.

Tesco are not interested in what peaceful, or violent protesters - or thousands of local residents - or our elected city councillors have to say - Tesco are effectively declaring economic war on the people of Stokes Croft.

In a democracy the people's will prevails.

In a fascist police state Tesco's shareholders' dividends prevail.

And Colin Port, before his decision to kick off two riots over Easter is properly looked into, has given Tesco the thumbs up.

With a track record now of riot chasing decisions like this how long will Colin Port last in his job?