City MP welcomes moves to make squatting a criminal offence

by Ruth
on Wednesday 22 Jun 2011

type: Opinion/Analysis
topic: Community
region: South West

Before the last national election I had a really awful MP but then they altered the ward boundaries. So without trying I had got ridden of a next to useless, clueless moron.

Well I thought, I can't see a Tory toff getting in round here so I guess this is an improvement however small. After the election results were published I learnt that my new MP was a bloody liberal. I knew then that things would be bad and so it has prover to be. I read today in the local printed mess that my MP speaks out in support of Cameron and his ilk who are proposing plans to make squatting illegal.

Properties, both residential and commercial should not be allowed to stand vacant for more than a month, this is what should be illegal. People need homes.

There are many examples of fantastic squats that add to and benefit the community they are in, just as right wing politicians and media can find stories of bad squats with those dwelling inside taking far more than they are giving.

Making this ancient right a criminal offence is a remedial step, taken by utterly selfish, pointless, politicians.