Situations Vacant: Film Night Co-ordinators & Curators

by imcvol
on Sunday 18 Sep 2011

type: News Report
topic: Media and Culture
region: Bristol

Bristol Indymedia has been running a successful and varied program of events at the Cube cinema for a number of years now.  Covering topics from local campaigns to global issues and using varies forms from talks, music, drama, film and discussions.  We are looking to add new voices to the existing team who bring new ideas for events and how to promote them.

To be part of the team you need to be interested in film and have a passion for social justice and for giving coverage to issues that get left behind by the mainstream media.  You need to be able to work with other people, sharing the work-load for the tasks needed.  You need to be able to attend most of the film night events (normally on the first Monday evening of each month) and to attend most of the Bristol Indymedia main group meetings (once every two months).  

The sort of task you'll share in as a Film Night Co-ordinator includes:

- Curating the choice of film and speaker.
- Dealing with the logistics of the films and speakers.
- Writing copy about the event.
- Helping to promote the event via social media, forums and other means.
- Attending events.

Expected Time Commitment: 4-14 hours per month

Note: Bristol Indymedia is a volunteer collective and all positions are run as such.  Please see our Editorial Guidelines to find out more about us and our values:

To find out more, please contact Bristol Indymedia:

Thanks, BIMC