Bristol Zombie Walk 2011

by Syder
on Sunday 30 Oct 2011

type: News Report
topic: Community
region: Bristol

Saturday 29th October saw the 2011 Bristol Zombie Walk invade the city centre. The turnout was huge, with the undead horde numbering over 1000, with some really inventive and downright wrong costumes on display. Dozens of photographers followed the march, with passers by seeming highly amused that their city had ben invaded by the undead, whipping out cameraphones to capture the spectacle.

While much of the event has become an apolitical fun day of dressing up around Halloween there were a posse of (Gro)Tesco Value Zombies, and the march came to a halt outside Tescos in Broadmead as a live drum and bass band got the undead dancing and Tescos found its entrance moreorless blocked for a while on a Saturday afternoon. The only negative side to the event came in the form of a couple of kids, who weren't dresse3d as zombies or engaged with the fun and games but did decide to throw fireworks into a crowd containing small children. Overall however, the Bristol Zombie Walk continues to be a massive success, with attendance seeming to grow every year.

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