Occupy Bristol Round-Up 7/11/11

by tagger
on Monday 07 Nov 2011

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topic: Protests
region: Bristol

The occupation in Bristol continues despite the low murmurs of annoyance from various city authorities.  It could be in the wake of the failure of the Church to call in the rozzers to evict the protesters, so as to allow the money lenders to do business as usual' has trickled down to other places in the UK and so put the brakes on here? 

Also its great to see that individual occupiers are putting out statements about what and why they are doing this - which shows that they come from a borad spectrum of backgrounds and are not just the 'usual suspects' -  A view from an occupier (2 links)

The local political scene also continues to grapple with the issue, with the ruling LibDems wanting to appear supportive and wishing it would all go away.  The party strategy has been to keep their head down for the next couple of years and hope the right-wing economic polices of the Tories deliver, so to be reminded of the growing inequality is...well... a problem, with Jon Rogers sounding ever more flustered about the issues; "Barbara is happy to talk [with the occupiers], meet, email, and exchange letters." (source http://twitter.com/#!/CllrJonRogers/status/130570619438907392 )  While nationally and locally Labour is supporting the protests, at least supporting the idea that we should be talking about the protests.  Just a shame the party has been hollowed out of its caring aspects by years in government trying to pander to Murdoch and the Daily Mail.

The site has also got down to the serious business of debating the politics of the issues that face us:

"The key questions are how do we distribute resources in a society, and how do we maintain the planet for our children’s children. Below is my views on how to proceed:


1) Implement "Tobin/Robin Hood Tax" on financial transactions.

Why: Discourage speculative high frequency trading...."

There is the full list here: http://bristol.indymedia.org/article/706461

Meanwhile there have been lots of open letters going around and the hows and why of the camp: "Lot of letters going around; to #occupybristoluk http://bit.ly/tg0ABU to councilor http://bit.ly/stkNat to BBC"  (Source http://twitter.com/#!/bindymedia/status/131017943269122048 )

Oh yes and the Guardian turned up today to film... http://twitter.com/#!/occupybristoluk/status/133465173372583936

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