Occupy Bath status

by Simon
on Monday 14 Nov 2011

type: Announcement
topic: Community
region: Somerset

As I am sure that you are aware, Occupy Bath have now outstayed the 'initial 12 days' that the media misquoted us as being our occupation length.  We are still in Queen Square, and we are still keeping our voices strong, but the nights are becoming a bit of an issue for some of us.

Quite a few people pulled their support out of Occupy Bath on the weekend, and in doing so we are now shorter on numbers of people staying overnight.  Recently, almost everyone staying overnight has had to do one of the security nightwatch shifts.  These shifts, combined with commitments that some of us have to fulfill elsewhere, are very tiring and result in lower numbers attending meetings and staying overnight for the next night.

My plea to you, as supporters of the Occupy movement, is to come along to Queen Square, especially to stay overnight.

We are currently working at improving our daytime profile by introducing different workshops in the day (Felicity has been the first to confirm to do regular workshops, being T'ai Chi every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 11am), and we'd appreciate you spreading the word in whatever way that you can about these workshops happening.  With more people visiting us at Queen Square, the numbers of people staying overnight are expected to rise.  Similarly, if you have any contacts of people that could lead workshops in the daytime then please send them over to Queen Square.

Occupy Bath has been in Queen Square now for over two weeks.  It has created a forum for change for many local residents, who have felt comfortable to come into the park and interact with us, to sit around the fire, and discuss about the issues that they are concerned about.  We have had an overwhelming amount of support from almost all people that we have interacted with.  There is a strong group of us who do not wish this to end, but the effects of being so heavily involved in Occupy Bath is taking its toll on a number of us, hence the people pulling their physical support out of the movement.  We need more people to commit to the cause now in order to continue demonstrating and creating the positive change that we have so far.

Please, if you can spare some time/can share some skills, come to Queen Square now!


- Occupy Bath Media Working Group

Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Bath-Info/125112970929410