Bristol Council prepares to vote through new round of cuts

by An anarchist against the cuts
on Thursday 23 Feb 2012

type: Announcement
topic: Anti-Cuts
region: Bristol

On Tuesday(28h) Bristol City Council is preparing to vote through a new round of cuts, laying off 350 staff, slashing funding to community projects and taking services away from elderly, young and vulnerable people.

Bristol & Districts Anti Cuts Alliance has called for people to rally against this meeting at the council house on college green. Other, radical, groups in Bristol are mobilising for it.  People are encouraged to come down at 1pm to heckle councilers on their way in or sit in the public gallery (NB: don't heckle from the public gallery or you may be arrested for 'disrupting a public meeting'', a law brought in to help silence women demanding the right to vote). The meeting is expected to last late into the evening, and a larger demonstration will start from 5pm as the work/college day ends. Unless we show our opposition the council will continue to hack away at the services that many people in this city depend on.

For more information on the cuts the latest issue of 1831 and this report from BADACA

Flyer for the demonstration at 5pm (and 1pm) here theres also the obligatory facebook event.