Reclaim Hinkley Protestors Arrested

by South West Against Nuclear
on Wednesday 29 Feb 2012

type: Press Release
topic: Protests
region: Somerset

The occupation of Langborough Barn on EDF's Hinkley Point Development site came to an end today, as over 20 Bailiffs and 10 police officers began the eviction at 6am this morning. It took around three hours for them to remove the Barnstormers. Specialist climbers were brought in after one of the Barnstormers Emily, bravely climbed onto the roof of the barn, whilst another, Theo Simon, locked himself to a window frame, high in the barn wall. Theo and a second local man were arrested. And are being detained in custody overnight to appear at the Taunton Deane Magistrates court tomorrow morning at 9:30 am. Theo's wife Shannon on hearing the news remarked “Theo cares passionately about this land and about moving towards a more sane and sustainable future which means one without nuclear power. he is prepared to stand up for what he believes in and I am behind him 100%”

On monday Nikki Clark and Theo Simon appeared in the High Court in London where were EDF gained a high court injunction against them to prevent them accessing the land at Hinkley Point. Theo may be facing imprisonment for allegedly breaching the injunction.

Said local mum Nikki Clark “I think that it is outrageous that a concerned parent can be thrown into jail for standing up for his community and our children, EDF are the real criminals and it is them who should be jailed for their criminal destruction of our community when they haven't even made a decision on whether or not to build Hinkley C”

Note to editor

Taunton deane magistrates court is st johns rd TA1 4AX court appearance begins at 9:30am all media inquiries to 07530947554 or : 07805666239 there will be photo opportunities from 9:30am onwards.