ProtectTheWilderness Next Public meeting 8th @the Wilderness during RTF

by Apok
on Saturday 03 Mar 2012

type: Press Release
topic: The Environment
region: South West

We found it so inspiring to meet many individuals in the forest, and further afield, involved in many different groups that are aware and actively working towards meaningful change.

There is almost unanimous support for the Wilderness centre to remain in use as it was intended, the time for unity in our actions is now!

In just a few days on Monday 5th at, Gloucester county council are taking us to their court with the hope of having us immediately removed from the Centre, we have little faith in the judicial process and have intelligence that would suggest that we will be facing evict on the same day as our Court hearing.

We urgently need your support, either as a presence at the Wilderness Centre on this coming Monday (our numbers will be reduced due to our presence at court) or join us at the Court and show your support for us there.

We greatly admire Trevor Roach and the Friends for their energy and drive to buy the Centre, we wish him success, however we have reason to believe, and are very concerned about a few self interested council members, who are already making plans to build houses using their positions of power to funnel money into their own private development businesses.

We cannot do this alone, if you care about the Wilderness – help us tell the Council that they are custodians of the Centre- THE PEOPLE OWN IT!

The next meeting will be held in the Wilderness Centre at 7pm on Thursday the 8th. There is parking space just down at the end of Wilderness Drive near the ponds, and it's a short walk along the driveway, or through the footpath and across the field to the Centre.

Please contact folk from your networks and groups and forward this letter where appropriate, we look forward to meeting you again.


Protect The Wilderness.