"The Legend of Bhagat Singh" - food and film night @ Kebele

by viral
on Sunday 11 Mar 2012

type: Event Notice
topic: Community
region: Bristol
event time: Thursday 29 Mar 2012 17:30

Join us for some food, followed by a screening of “The Legend of Bhagat Singh” as part of our regular last Thursday of the month dinners

At Kebele, 14 Robertson Road, Bristol BS5 6SY

Food from 6.30, film @ 7.30pm.

Suggested donation for main course (vegan lasagne) - £2.50, pudding just 50p!


The Legend of Bhagat Singh
Rajkumar Santoshi. 2002 (155 mins)
In Hindi/English, with subtitles

Executed at only 23 years of age by the British colonial rulers on March 23rd 1931, this is the tale of the legendary Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh. An atheist, strongly influenced by anarchism and communism, Bhagat organised for a united India that would not only be free from colonial rule, but also from the rule of the rich and the higher castes.

This is the story of Bhagat Singh, but also of an Indian resistance movement that had no fear in using any means necessary to rid the land of British rule, and who knew that the politics of Gandhism would merely replace one set of exploiters with another.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhagat_Singh