The Stand @ The Wilderness

by The Good Ancestor
on Friday 16 Mar 2012

type: Announcement
topic: The Environment
region: South West


The RtF Gathering went very well against the odds, against the will of the authority, in the wonderful sunshine of spring and beautiful surroundings of the forest. A full feed back will follow.   The gathering is still open for another lunar cycle, we will be conducting workshops every day from now on with a variety of skills on offer, all of the usual old school stuff and some more for the mix. Open days for the public on saturdays with lots of fun, tea, workshops and family friendly atmosphere in the sun.   Protect The Wilderness is not a protest site, it is not a squat, we have reopened a community resource and running it on limited resources, come to help work on this project. At The Wilderness centre we are under eviction, we will defended the space and have put in an appeal to get a stay of the baillifs. We invite people to come help with the resistance, any time you can spare, a day here or there is great, bring some bedding (sleeping bags and roll mats), you can stay and have the choice to be in any confrontation as there are safe secure sleeping sites for tents close by. We have extensive defence network on site with all roads blocked, numerous tree houses joined by rope bridges, we have a tunnel network dug around site, all houses are barricaded with all entry points defended and secure, houses have the capacity to support up to 6 people inside for a number of days. 
You are welcome to come help with the resistance, work and play with us in the forest, our garden is going well, the wild food is abundant we intend to sieze this land in the name of the people and for the benefit of all.   Resistance is Fertile   Please forward far and wide.