Don't Iraq Iran, Troops Out Of Afghanistan

by info@bristolstopwar
on Tuesday 20 Mar 2012

type: News Report
topic: Peace
region: Bristol


As part of Stop The War's national “Don't Iraq Iran” day of protest, Bristol Stop The War Coalition supporters will meet on the Centre (opposite the Hippodrome) at 2pm on SATURDAY 24th MARCH. We will have banners, placards, leaflets and megaphones to take the “Don't Attack Iran” message to the people of Bristol. Please support if you can. All welcome. Bring ideas & friends.

The war in Afghanistan is rapidly unravelling, with the death of six more British soldiers and the murder of 16 civilians by a 'lone' US soldier. Despite this, when David Cameron met Barack Obama in the USA recently they told us the war was going according to plan and would continue until 2014. Just as worryingly, they made clear their determination to attack Iran.

The recent  visit by Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to the US piled on the pressure to back an attack. This week the Israeli deputy prime minister is visiting London to drum up support for an attack on Iran and is clearly confident of winning the backing of the US and British governments.

Britain has been leading the moves to enforce new sanctions against Iran. Sanctions are portrayed as an alternative to war, but as we saw with Iraq, sanctions are really a preparation for war.

Sanctions inflict pain and suffering on the Iranian people and will destroy Iran’s infrastructure and civil society. The cost of imported goods including food products and life-saving drugs is rising rapidly. Many businesses have closed and unemployment is soaring. European banks have stopped issuing export credit guarantees for grain and other agricultural produce shipped to Iran. Consignments of grain and other food items are waiting in Iranian ports unable to unload. The new sanctions on Iranian oil will increase the price of oil with devastating impact on the European economies pushing them deeper into recession.

A covert war is also being waged by the US, the UK and Israel - murdering Iranian scientists and large numbers of military personnel and civilians; sabotaging and destroying military and industrial infrastructure; stoking civil and ethnic violence – all with the intention of forcing regime change in Iran. The atmosphere of war this has created intensifies the security climate in Iran and inflicts the greatest injury to the cause of democratic and human rights that Britain says it is defending!

Enrichment of uranium is Iran’s right under the Non-Proliferation Treaty. No IAEA reports have confirmed the diversion of nuclear material for weapons in Iran. The IAEA Director, Yukiya Amano, admitted to German parliamentarians in January that there was not any credible evidence that Iran’s civilian programme has a military dimension. Despite this, the war drums are beating to the chorus of hawks and our media meekly joins in.

Here education, health and social services are being cut. Poverty and unemployment are on the rise. But we are being asked to fund another war of aggression. Join Bristol Stop The War Coalition in campaigning to stop Britain being led into an illegal, immoral and unjustified war with Iran on the same flimsy pretexts of WMD, charges of terrorism and demonisation of the Iranian government that led to the bloodbath in Iraq.

It isn't too late to stop it.

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