6 arrests at Drone Conference

by observer
on Monday 02 Apr 2012

type: News Report
topic: Protests
region: Bristol

A lively & very noisy demo at the bristol drone conference in Bristol ended with six arrests. Conference attenders had to do their dirty business accompanied by a considerable din made by about 80 people for around 3 hours or so . Some delegates unable to cope with the noise decided to leave the conference early, only to be pursued around town with people letting them know just what they thought of them, until they had to be rescued by the police. Ah diddums.

The police, initially low on numbers eventually got reinforcements and decided to push & kick people down the street, which was resisted strongly, where most of the arrests took place - apparently for Section 5/Public Nuisance depending which copper you listened to.

One arrestee is confirmed to be taken to trinity rd police station.

update 11 arrests, maybe 5 at south mead