JOIN THE SAVE OUR NHS RALLY! Saturday 7th April - Bristol

by imc vol
on Thursday 05 Apr 2012

type: Event Notice
topic: Protests
region: Bristol
event time: Wednesday 07 Mar 2012 13:00

Text taken from: Bristol and District anti-cuts alliance

 As expected, the LibDems and Tories combined to pass Bristol City Council‘s cuts budget on Tuesday 28th February. £27million will be slashed from the council’s spending from April. Youth services, community groups, care for the elderly and vulnerable will all be seriously effected. Over 350 jobs will go from the council workforce. Some Labour amendments to the budget were accepted – minor adjustments to harsh cuts. But it was obvious to those in the public gallery that Labour didn’t have any clear alternative to the LibDem/Tory cuts strategy. In the meeting, Barbara Janke said, “I can’t know the impact of all the cuts in the budget.” Unfortunately the people of Bristol who use and rely on the services that are to be cut will soon discover the impact. BADACA will be working with those people over the coming months as the cuts bite to ensure that Barbara Janke and her fellow councillors get the message that these are real cuts hitting real people – not just numbers on a piece of paper.


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Join us for a rally in the centre of Bristol, at the fountains 13:00! The rally is expected to be mobile, so bring your whistles, loudspeakers - the theme is resusitation, so bring your white coats, scrubs, stethoscopes and makeshift wheelchairs!! This protest is not just about pensions, it is about protecting the service which has in Lansleys own words "recently saved us over £8billion in efficiency savings, improved access to dentistry, MRSA and C-diff infections are to date the lowest levels on record". Not to mention all the other improvements! We don't need privatisation, we need that money being reinvested where it's needed!

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Note: Photos and some text taken from ukuncut this is not necessarily a ukuncut protest, get involved everybody!!