Resuscitating the NHS in Time for Easter

by Impatient Patience
on Saturday 07 Apr 2012

type: News Report
topic: Protests
region: Bristol

Building on the success of the previous march in Bristol to mourn the passing of the NHS, we organised an Easter NHS resurrection performance today. As well as the usual marching business, we were keen to get a fun spectacular element to our protest, to kick off the long fight ahead resisting the privatising cannibals circling our health service.   So with that in mind we climbed into scrubs, downloaded the casualty theme music and gathered around the operating theatre.

A young actor volunteered to be the embodiment of the recently perished NHS, and we all worked out how we were gonna cure him.  "Nurse pass the direct action; this man has suffered acute internal bleeding and a Tory hit and run."

Plenty of people turned up again, demonstrating that there is lots of energy in our city ready to put up a fearsome resistance to the soulless profit eaters.  We intend to try our hardest to beat them.  If you are willing to do the same then please get in touch.