NUJ Protests Cuts at Evening Post

by imcvol
on Monday 16 Apr 2012

type: Feature
topic: Media and Culture
region: Bristol
Given Bristol's media lanscape, dominated as it is by organisations with little time for unions - this is a story you're unlikley to read in the evening post!

Bristol NUJ write: "A demonstration will take place on Tuesday April 17 against Northcliffe’s plans to slash up to 19 of the Bristol Evening Post’s remaining 56 editorial posts. The Galleries shopping centre is hosting an exhibition of Post memorabilia in celebration of the paper’s 80th anniversary. It opens at 6.30pm  and a group of people active in the anti-cuts movement plan a protest at the same time. NUJ Bristol Branch will be there too and we urge any colleagues who can to come along shortly before 6.30pm. Details of where to meet will follow shortly. 

Branch chair Paul Breeden says: “We will focus our protest on the ludicrous decisions made by Northcliffe’s national management over the last few years which have led to crisis after crisis. “We will also highlight the company’s continuing profits and returns to shareholders as well as bonuses to senior figures including Viscount Rothermere, who inherited the company and retains control even though he doesn’t have a majority of the shares. I hope you’ll show your solidarity with the Post chapel, and support for the vibrant media which Bristol needs but which Northcliffe looks likely to deny.”