Contact Hinkley's Somerset Suppliers

by Hinkley Suppliers
on Monday 16 Apr 2012

type: Announcement
topic: The Environment
region: Bristol

Information sourced from Hinkley C Supply Chain website featuring; Bridgwater firms Fairway Office Supplies and Jual Branding Clothing, Cannington based Greenslade Ground Maintenance who are currently chopping down trees at the Hinkley C site, UK company Hydrock Remedial Contracting who are remediating a spoil heap near the now decommissioned Hinkley A reactor and finally Watchet Glass & Glazing who are fitting replacement windows and doors to residential properties around the main Hinkley C site.

Please politely contact the companies below to remind them why we don’t want Hinkley C or new nuclear:

Click here for list of suppliers details; addresses, phone numbers and emails...


Dear Sir/Madam

It has come to my attention that your company is at present a supplier of Hinkley Power Station, also known as Hinkley Point. As you may well be aware, Hinkley Point is the first of eight proposed sites for nuclear new build to go ahead. They have been stopped  before in 1987, and we intend to do it again in 2012.

A reason for this is in 2011, the biggest industrial disaster in history occurred, which saw Japan brought to its knees by the ongoing events at Fukushima Nuclear Plant. The reactors that went into meltdown in March have now melted through the foundations and 40 years of accumulated nuclear waste is emitting vast amounts of radiation, contaminating the land, sea and air. In desperation, the Japanese government is transporting and burning radioactive rubble all over Japan and exporting highly contaminated food as “aid” to developing countries.

Men, women and children are living in highly radioactive areas but they are not being evacuated as they should be. This intense radiation exposure has very serious health consequences for these people. Since the first civilian reactor started generating in 1954, there has been, on average, a major accident every 14-18 years; Windscale 1957, Three Mile Island1979, Chernobyl 1986, Fukushima 2011.

Coastal reactors, such as Hinkley, are at risk of flooding by rising sea levels, compounding the dangers of climate change. Therefore I urge you to stop dealing with Hinkley due to the risk they pose to the Earth and its inhabitants not to side and profit from the nuclear industry.

Until you do, you will be a target for protests and a campaign against your involvement with Hinkley.

Yours sincerely,

***Your name here***