UAF Organising meeting

by Bristol Unite Against Fascism Members
on Thursday 19 Apr 2012

type: Announcement
topic: Protests
region: Bristol
  Meeting: Sunday - 29th April, 6-8pm at Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY
You may have heard that the English Defence League plan to hold a march in Bristol this summer.  The date set is 21st July (though this may change).
EDL members in Bristol have already started to build for the march nationally.
In common with other fascist organisations across Europe, the EDL have consistently scapegoated Muslim communities.  In recent months, they have organised provocative marches in Bradford and Leicester, and plan to march through Luton on 5th May.  Wherever they have attempted to march, they have been prevented by mass counter demonstrations each time.
The propaganda the EDL are using to build their Bristol march particularly focusses on the 'Muslim Somali' community in Bristol.
The EDL, like all fascist groups before them, attempt to exploit economic crises and to blame minority ethnic communities for housing shortages and high unemployment.
However, in Bristol, as elsewhere, there are many groups and individuals actively campaigning against the governments' cuts and who are committed anti -fascists.  We believe that if these forces mobilise together, we can prevent the EDL from marching in Bristol this summer, and can counter their anti-muslim, divisive propaganda across the city.
UNITE AGAINST FASCISM is therefore attempting to build the biggest possible, city-wide alliance of community groups, trade unionists, and individuals to prevent the EDL's march in Bristol.
The UAF is therefore calling all groups and individuals to an organising meeting:

This meeting will be an opportunity for all concerned groups and individuals to come together to organise the campaign to stop the EDL in Bristol and to mobilise the biggest possible counter demonstration against them on the day.
We hope to see you next Sunday 29th. In Solidarity
Bristol Unite Against Fascism Members