[BMD] Workfare Flash Mob

by Bristol first of May Group
on Wednesday 25 Apr 2012

type: Event Notice
topic: Protests
region: Bristol
event time: Thursday 03 May 2012 11:15

On Thursday 3rd of May at 12.30pm we will be targetting a workfare provider in Bristol city centre with an anti workfare flashmob.

Be near the centre of bristol (near the galleries) and call 07930311065 at 12.15pm for the target location, or alternatively text that number before hand and we'll text out the location to you (note calling is preferable, texts can be slow!)

If you can dress in a prisoner outfit (or wardent outfit) and be prepared for some theatrical direct action!  Anyone (even those without an outfit) will add to the fun and effectiveness of the demo, and if your a stickler for tradition feel free to bring a long the usual banners/placards/flags aswell!

For information on workfare check out boycott workfare or this handy leaflet/pdf


Part of the Bristol May Day week of action.
A chance for us to look back on a proud history of working class struggle, and to bring new energy to our modern fight for equallity and freedom.

There are a diverse range of events representing many struggles, or as we see it many facets of the same struggle; against oppression for a free and just society.

Updates will be posted on facebook, and on our blog bristol1stofmay.wordpress.com or search #bristolmayday on twitter, see you on the streets.

Link: https://bristol1stofmay.wordpress.com/