GM Action-Take the Flour Back

by GM free bristol
on Tuesday 08 May 2012

type: News Report
topic: Protests
region: Bristol

'Take the Flour Back' anti GM action at the end of May at Rothemsted Research Centre, Harpenden, Hertfordshire is receiving much media attention.

 See here for a bit of a look at the trial site:

 This weeks local meeting, follows the last one where people learned about the effects Spanish farmers are facing from cross contamination of GM crops and the wider context.

 This Wednesday eve we will be seeing how much transport is needed, what kind of fun and frolics we can do on the day and how people can be involved and what support people need to be there.

 7pm Wednesday 9th May

 Hydra Books
34 Old Market,

If you would like transport there and back, we would like as many free seats as possible, but if you can afford it please pay what you can. Email:

More information see: