radioKEBELE interview about the Quebec student strike

by radioKEBELE
on Friday 08 Jun 2012

type: News Report
topic: Anti-Cuts
region: Bristol

radioKEBELE spoke with Aaron Lakoff, from Montreal's McGill University radio station CKUT, about the student strike. We found out more about previous student strikes Quebec and what's going on now. It's a great background to the strike, and very informative - some good nuggets of wisdom and inspiration!

Since this interview we have seen the arrest of over 700 protesters opposed to the tuition hike, the Quebec government's allegedly unconstitutional Bill 78 that limits the right to protest and Plan Nord (the provincial government's "develop"/destroy the northern Quebec by exploiting the natural resources there).

For more information and regular updates about the strike check out and

* The government of Quebec plans to allow university tuition to increase by $1625 over five years. In case you're wondering, $1 Canadian dollar is worth about £0.62 GBP - yes, we're getting screwed!


Check out the interview here: