Red Lion Comedy Club 4

by Anita Sully
on Saturday 06 Oct 2012

type: Event Notice
topic: Miscellaneous
region: Bristol
event time: Tuesday 06 Nov 2012 20:00


Following on from the hilarious success of our 3rd night we bring you;

Bryan O'Gorman
Bryan's comedic style is a unique blend of writing, physicality and character work that will leave you leaking fluids you didn't know you had. A staple in the Canadian comedy scene, Bryan has quickly become one of the hottest comics in this dimension and hopes to one day do the Queen in a hot tub full of marmalade.

Kim Hope
UK-based comedian and actress Kim Hope has performed stand up and solo shows across her native Australia and internationally, as well as appearing regularly on television panel shows Good News Week, Good News Weekend/Night Lite and All Star Squares.

Imogen Palmer
Imogen Palmer performs improvised comedy regularly and is heading to the Edinburgh Fringe this year with the shows Bristol Improv For Hire and Only Humour Word:Play!
She began writing and performing stand-up in December 2011 and frequently comperes the only regular stand-up and improvisational comedy night in Bristol- Hill-arity at The Hill. Other credits include stand up sets the Bristol Arts Week Comedy Showcase and Joke Bishop.

And Fitz ( no bio available yet )

Compered by Matt Dwyer
Matt Dwyer first performed stand up comedy over 10 years ago in his native Australia. He moved to the UK in 2004 and mistakenly followed his father’s advice and got a “real job”. Since October 2010, Matt has been back in the stand up saddle, attacking the British comedy scene with a vengeance. In this time, Matt has established himself as a solid performer and compere, with a playful, cheeky stage presence.

Please remember to only attend if you enjoy laughing