Truthjuice presents Robert Djemil

by tj
on Friday 19 Oct 2012

type: Event Notice
topic: Miscellaneous
region: Bristol
event time: Thursday 01 Nov 2012 19:00

Robert Djemil, born 11 June 1964 in London, trained as a licensed conveyancer and property speculator, but best known for his down to earth approach to spiritual growth. Born into a working class family in East London, new to public speaking, Robert’s talk originally had no reference to God, spirituality or religion, delivered in a practical way that the average person can identify based on life’s everyday experiences

This talk is for people at the beginning of their spiritual awakening, looking for answers to life’s purpose, a way to navigate life, avoid the things that don’t serve us in favour of those things that do, leading to a place of greater peace and happiness. This information is not taught in our schools or universities, practical tools that make sense that the audience will identify with. This method will help relate better to life and help bring an end to inner turmoil and lead to a greater feeling of connectedness and belonging. You will leave this talk with much to ponder……….

"In my late teens I created an alter ego because I didn't think anyone would like the real me, riddled with weaknesses & vulnerabilities, I wanted to feel good but I didn't know how, so I self medicated but this only made me feel worse. I studied law, bought lots of property, I was the life & soul of the party, happy go lucky but these were only places to hide so I would be liked & my real self not exposed, and I played the part well. No one knew I was desperately unhappy, but I hated me. Self loathing was my closest companion. It took me 20 years to understand the psychology of my condition, which I now like to share in the hope that others see a part of them in me. I've learnt what was causing my upset & how to put it right. "

Outline of the talk

• My story
• Why we experience what we do
• How we attract positive and negative experiences
• Life has no meaning save the meaning we give to it
• The sequence of thoughts
• Unconscious thoughts and reactions
• The triune brain
• Our brains are mere storage and retrieval facilities
• Creating neural pathways, habitual behaviours
• We are all one
• Gratitude
• The holographic universe
• The truth of life and our experiences
• Everything and nothing is true
• A new beginning

£5 on the door, £3 (Concessions)
Doors open 7pm – talk starts 8pm - free parking
@ ‘The College Project’ Marksbury Rd, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 5JJ

Google map of venue -
Travel : No 90 Bus from Broadmead to the stop on St. John's Lane, just before the turning for Littlejohn Rd, which in turn will lead you to The College Project. Nearest train station: 7 mins walk - Bedminster railway station, Fraser Street, Bedminster, BS3 4LU

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