Daredevil Scavenger Hunt

by Daredevil Project UK
on Wednesday 24 Oct 2012

type: Event Notice
topic: Sport
region: Bristol
event time: Friday 02 Nov 2012 18:00

The first Daredevil Tournament take place in Bristol on 2/11/12

Daredevil Tournaments are mayhem filled Scavenger Hunts that challenge teams of friends to carry out 100 tasks over a weekend.  As tasks are performed, pictures and videos are uploaded online using camera phones, where judges award points for each one completed.  The first two Tournaments take place in November.

Each Tournament starts early on a Friday evening and runs until Sunday afternoon, where the winners are announced over bacon sarnies and Bloody Marys. There are no set routes for teams - they can carry out tasks from their living room or seats of their local to the clubs of the centre and everywhere in between.

“In a world where weekends revolve around the X-factor, and smart phones are used for uploading pictures of cupcakes, we felt a bit of silliness needed to be encouraged.  Daredevil Tournaments are a way of having ludicrous, unexpected adventures in your own city and injecting a bit of good humoured mischief into the World.” Says founder, Paul Archer, a record breaking Adventurer who conceived the tournaments whilst driving a Black Taxi around the World.  “It’s not big, it’s not clever and it’s not very mature, but that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly fun!”

Every participant has a T-shirt with the list of 100 tasks printed on the back.  The tasks are one word, designed to be purposely vague to allow each team to be creative with the way they are executed, allowing them to be as full on as they are comfortable with. They involve doing funny or embarrassing things and locating objects, places and people. Each task has a #tag so the judges can locate and mark them online.  Points are given for creativity, guts, class and wit – if the judges are impressed or laugh, points will be awarded.

Non-participants can follow the tournament as it unfolds online through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Socialcam.

Bristol Daredevil Tournament will be between 2nd and 4th of November. £20 / £27.50 for the whole weekend.

More information at: www.daredevilproject.com 


Link: www.daredevilproject.com