Zombie Outbreak in Bristol

by syd3r
on Sunday 28 Oct 2012

type: News Report
topic: Miscellaneous
region: Bristol


Saturday saw the annual celebration of undeath that is the Bristol Zombie Walk once again take over much of central Bristol for the afternoon.

Meeting around Kings Square at 2pm, the zombies passed through St James Barton roundabout (the bearpit) where they were comically ambushed by 'the resistance' who brandished their soft foam filled weaponry in a last attempt to keep the undead hordes out of the city's shopping districts! The legions of undead hugely outnumbered the living and were able to continue through Broadmead, where they scared and delighted onlooking shoppers in equal measures. The march was well marshalled and signposted, and unlike last year (when some twat decided that throwing fireworks into a crowd including kids was a good idea) passed off without any trouble.

The zombies eventually arrived in Castle Park to have a drink and a dance in the sunshine. Costumes were as ever fantastic, with an amazing array of comical attire, highlights included the three zombie Jimmy Savilles, one of whom was spotted near a zombie Gary Glitter (pre-empting today's arrest of the latter in connection with the revelations of sexual abuse surrounding the former).

All in all, this year's zombie walk was dead good fun.

Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/17251154@N00/sets/72157631867931485/with/8129583147/