Schumacher Institute Learning Programmes 2013

by Emmelie Brownlee
on Monday 29 Oct 2012

type: Press Release
topic: The Environment
region: Bristol

The Schumacher Institute is pleased to announce that it will continue to offer its range of fully accredited education courses in 2013. Inspired by E.F. Schumacher’s philosophy, these programmes help people make the transition to a more sustainable way of living and working in these increasingly uncertain times.


Sustainability Toolkit

Designed to aid the transition to sustainable work, this 12-month, part-time programme is for people who want more meaning in their work, who are looking for something more worthwhile, something that feeds their spirit and their passion to make a positive impact on the planet.

The course has run successfully for the past two years, with cohorts in Bristol and London. It provides participants with useful knowledge – exploring and discussing different perspectives, the concept of ‘sustainability’, the way people learn, systems thinking and what these mean in relation to sustainability.

Course Leader, Martin Sandbrook, says: “By the end of the toolkit programme, participants will understand sustainability more deeply and be clear about where they are heading and how to get there, supported by a network.”

A student on the course, Lenie, says: “The Sustainability Toolkit met my needs and went beyond my expectations.  It provided a much-needed structure to the year and enabled an exploration of deep-seated personal and societal value systems, worldviews and behaviour patterns.  The course also introduced systems thinking methodologies and applied them to a broad range of practical scenarios."

In order to fit round busy schedules, the classes are held every other Tuesday evening from from 6.15pm to 8.45pm in St Nicholas House (central Bristol). The programme starts on 22nd January and runs until December 2013.

Free taster sessions, led by Martin Sandbrook, will take place on 11th December, and 8th January (6.15pm) at St Nicholas House, 31-34 High Street, Bristol, BS1 2AW.


For further information visit or email


MSc in Managing Sustainability and Uncertainty

This MSc is for leaders, managers, facilitators and individuals who need more effective ways to tackle the increasing complexity and uncertainty of a fast-moving world. Participants will learn about what being sustainable means, for themselves and for their organisation.

The part-time course is free from the constraints of a university and is designed to fit with participants’ work and to become an inseparable part of it. The course is competitively priced and students have access to the extensive networks and international research work of the Schumacher Institute.

Martin Sandbrook, Course Leader, says: “Like many, I had a vague sense that the conventional ways of living and doing business are increasingly out of joint with the needs of our time. I realised we desperately need practical new ways to make our lives and organisations sustainable and to deal effectively with the uncertain conditions we face.”

From this realisation came the development of this Master’s programme, which is designed to introduce different ways of thinking and demonstrate how we can translate complex ideas into practical reality. It is a two-year programme based in Bristol and will start in March 2013.

For further information about Taster Days and timetables visit the Schumacher Institute website at or email