FBWL 27 - Bristol Mayor Souvenir Companion Edition

by fbwl
on Friday 02 Nov 2012

type: Opinion/Analysis
topic: Community
region: South West

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On this weeks show we have...
-Durston Fletcher's poor mans Movember
-Follow up news on Bristol Ice Rink
-Review of The Coup gig
-Boris johnson comes to bristol (and doesn't get egged)
-MAYORAL CANDIDATES !!! (We judge the proverbial book by the cover)
-Gas Talk (Bristol Rovers round up)
-UFO spotted over Bristol
-and all the usual local news and gossip

Music from The Coup

And Local Music from Suchy La, Smith and Mighty, Murder of Crows

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Link: http://frombristolwithlove.org/2012/11/02/from-bristol-with-love-27/