Queer Dance Party! Celebrating a month of resistance in Cardiff

by Gremlin Alley Social Centre
on Saturday 03 Nov 2012

type: Event Notice
topic: Media and Culture
region: South Wales
event time: Saturday 10 Nov 2012 19:00

Queer dance re-organised for Saturday 10th November, after previously postponing.

We’re cumming out of the closet!

Gremin Alley Social Centre invites all queer/trans* folk and straight allies to a dance party this Saturday to celebrate a month of resistance in Cardiff, including us gremlins averting eviction.

As a social space occupied by quemlins (queer gremlins), we encourage you to liberate and express your sexuality and gender(lessness); whether you’re openly a gender-bender or fist-deep in narnia – or elsewhere for that matter.

There will be an LGBT+ workshop starting at 7pm, focusing on terminology and understanding, followed by a discussion. Then from 8pm we will be celebrating queer culture in Cardiff (and everywhere else).

Bring mp3 players, glitter and condoms!
Drinking ok, drunkenness not.
Transphobia and homophobia never tolerated.
Leave your bullshit at the door.

Link: welcometogremlinalley.wordpress.com