Bristol Mayoral Election Fix-up - This Is Just Drone Warfare

by Dave Dobbs
on Sunday 04 Nov 2012

type: News Report
topic: Peace
region: Bristol
Bristol is being dragged through a bogus Mayoral election, that is attemting to pass over sixty percent of the electoral power over to one individual; which in the modern world is considered either ludicrous or a regime. In historic terms, it was known as feudal. This article is written by Dave Dobbs who is running for Bristol Mayor who is running as a protest to the stupidity of this proccess, and to highlight why the Government wants Bristol under corporate lockdown ever since it became one of the major locations that drones are manufactured in the UK. And now, the prospect of war looms closer.


Peace Vigil

I am holding a peace vigil on 7th November 2012, the day after the US elections. It will be held at the Fountain, in the centre of Bristol City at 7.00 pm.


We are on the cusp of a massive war with Syria and Iran. The window for all out war will open the day after the US elections and on that day, the war drum in America and Britain will begin beating.

I am running for Bristol Mayor as a protest about giving over 60 percent of the electorate power over to a single person.  I suggest that all that power being given over to a single individual, could be floated on social networks so people can really express their wishes through ‘likes’ on social platforms like Facebook. If just ten percent of the population that uses Facebook expressed their political interests we would have a political renaissance in this city. We could create a platform where all could really see the numbers of people that really liked specific ideas and the true demographics of that alone would bring enormous volumes of people together. It would take that massive centralization (US spelling) of power and produce the nearest thing to Proportional Representation ever seen in this country. It is totally feasible and virtually free of charge to run. The transparency of the move would be virtually impeccable. And the likes of the common man and woman would not need to lobby the winner in this fix-up. It would be those in their own immediate community they would need to address.

I cannot win against the massive effort for a corporate fix-up and take-over bid that this really is. I  am invited to virtually none of the hustings organized by these corporations to fool the people into giving up their power. But, though I cannot win this election, I can at least shed some light onto how the process works, and what is unfolding right under all our noses.

Bristol is the next victim of what is being described as an ‘Elected Mayoral’ system that will give away the power of all the elected local authority councilors to a single person. In reality, that is what is known as feudalism – we are returning to a feudal state. It is a complete reversal of our democracy and a reversal of our evolution.

Bristol is one of the main manufacturing bases of drones; which is why the Government is wanting a complete corporate lockdown of the City, as it is now of strategic military interest. We are told that 12.5 percent of the Bristol electorate voted to giving 60 percent of their electoral power over to a single person. But in reality, so few people are even on the electoral register. Many just feel they can’t register because they have lost interest or are unaware that their names are taken off the register if they do not actively re-apply. Some are sharing rooms and living below the radar and cannot risk Landlords finding out the volumes of people living in a property and thus cannot risk going on the electoral register. Many are simply hiding from debt or homeless. Bankers have over lent money and driven property prices to levels that are simply unaffordable.

I had hundreds of people that thought they could nominate me, but most found they were not on the electoral register, so could not nominate or vote. I am a Traveller and know my rights. I am the first person to run for a Governmental post that does not live in a property, and has no postal address. Most people are not aware that even registered as "No Fixed Abode", their vote actually still belongs to them, and not to a property or banker. The percentage of people in Bristol that could have legally voted, had they known their rights, is far higher than speculated – without any doubt whatsoever.

I am a political activist and have been for nearly fifteen years. My fundamental reason for what I am doing right now, is to stop a looming war with Iran and Syria. Bristol is one of the main places in Britain where drones are manufactured, and thus makes the city a key target in war. And with drones costing about a billion pounds per fifty, it’s easy to see why the government is driving such austerity. In fact, the first wave of austerity measures pushed upon Greece, ended with 11,000 bombing sorties being carried out from military bases in Greece, that destroyed Libya – or should I say ‘liberated’ Libya! And in the same way, Iraq had forty thousand times more radio-active compounds, than produced by the Hiroshima atom bomb, dumped on them, in the form of depleted uranium bombshells - for their ‘liberation’. We are all being duped into a new war and it is so easy to see where all the money goes from the austerity we are all experiencing. It is truly terrifying what is unfolding right under our noses – right now.

And we are now hearing that Syria is the new warring regime, and must be stopped. No one is mentioning the enormous oil fields in the Mediterranean off the Syrian coast, or the strategic positioning of Syria’s geographic positioning in the midde east. Nor the fact that Syria imports nothing but raw materials and manufactures everything and grows everything itself. It is a very advanced and beautiful country with many different religions co-inhabiting. Syria is being dragged into a war we are being told that they started, and have politely stopped for the US elections, whilst British troops mass in Jordon on the Syrian Border waiting for the US elections to come and go. And the Syrians know we are going to wipe them out – sorry, ‘liberate’ them…

It is easy to see why I am invited to so few of the hustings that have been held, even though I am an official candidate. The whole process is clearly a massive fix-up. I am not prepared to talk the total rubbish that most of the candidates are spouting with regards to soending, when all the money is about to be taken from under their feet. It’s just nonsense and hot air. We are all being shafted here; the government wants to turn the whole of Bristol into a fully corporate warring machine. If our government gets its war, they will make Bristol become a key and legitimate target.

One person can make a lot of decisions, but cannot sustain an understanding of the needs and wants of a whole city. It is just not possible. The power triangle has to be turned upside-down, and the Mayor in Power needs to be at the bottom receiving the Will and Intent of the people and and to honour those wishes. If not, all that prevails is a feudal state that reverses nearly a millennium of evolution.

I’m afraid with the level of technology now involved with war, it’s time to wake up, or face the dire consequences. We know that Iran landed America’s supposedly infallible – state-of-the-art  drone, then turned it into a children’s toy. Perhaps the Iranian Kesh foundation, that claims to have harnessed fusion is not true, but their technology clearly terrifies those that propagate war and fossil fuel dependence. But considering Iran has not invaded another nation in three hundred years, do we really need to fear them? Or perhaps all this really is simply about Iran’s vast reserves of oil. When our Government is talking about ‘liberating’ Syria, one of the main manufacturing arms of Iran, it is an attack on Iran. Bristol becomes a target. We will literally be at war with Iran in that move – a nation that the US government, as proved by Julian Assange with his Wikileaks, the US Government believes can only be tackled with the use of mini-nukes that are ‘only’ ten times more powerful than those used in Hiroshima; and apparenty, they are considered ‘safe for civilian use’ because they detonate supposedly below the surface of the ground, providing the ground is soft enough at the point of impact.

It is clear that drones will likely start this war, but at the cost of a GBP £20,000,000 each, it is clear the soldiers will be far cheaper in the event of this war starting. We will see conscription enacted across Britain, simply because the cost of fifty drones could buy the Government tens of thousands of troops. Once a war starts with Iran, it will be unlikely to stop until the bitter end. The entire math’s of our Government’s arguments are that it can drive the whole of Europe into war with austerity. I believe humanity, bar a very few individuals, has evolved, and transcended war. If Europe rejects the British plan for war, the people may be left to finish what the corporations start - completely on our own.

So I ask you: Are you prepared to pick up the guns if the drones do not live up to their promise? Is this your war? If not, meet me at the fountain in the Bristol City Centre, and bring a candle and an instrument if you are musical. This is a peaceful vigil, being held in the highest grace.

Dave Dobbs - The first man in the UK to run for a post in Government who is of 'No Fixed Abode' status.