Reclaim Education! Week of action/events N14-N21

by ReclaimEducation! Bristol
on Saturday 10 Nov 2012

type: Event Notice
topic: Anti-Cuts
region: Bristol
event time: Wednesday 14 Nov 2012 18:00

Reclaim Education! - Week of action and events
  Reclaim Education at Bristol University is a week of action leading up to the NUS National Demonstration taking place in London on 21st November (for details on travel please see ).

 The week's events aim to look at how to create democracy, equality and fairness in higher education, and how to oppose austerity measures inflicted upon us from above.

 This has been organised by Bristol students as part of the Global Education Strike ( ). The strike is being co-ordinated through the International Students Movement - a communication platform used by education activists worldwide.

Facebook event for the whole week:

Wednesday 14th - Forum: Why we're attending the NUS Demo 2012 -

Thursday 15th - The University is watching you! : Protest against monitoring of international students -

Thursday 15th - Protest and Policing: your rights, and how to stay free -

Friday 16th - Change: University, Democracy and Participation -

Saturday 17th - Banner Making - taking place between 1-4pm in the Art Room, Students Union

Monday 19th - Gender and Power: The University as a Patriarchal Institution? -

Tuesday 20th - Montreal calling: How student strikes beat tuition fee rises in Quebec -
(followed by banner-making for the demo the next day)

Wednesday 21st - Demo2012: National Demonstration for Education, Employment, and Empowerment -