Cameron & cabinet in Bristol to celebrate Merchant Venturers' Charter Day

by Tony Gosling
on Monday 12 Nov 2012

type: News Report
topic: Corporations
region: Bristol

It's Monday 12th November 2012, beleagured British Prime Minister David Cameron & his crooked Tory millionaires' cabinet are in town today meeting at John Cabot Academy.

Also Bilderberger & shadow shadow chancellor of the exchequer Ed Balls

Why today - well there's the mayoral elections - but much more importantly it is the annual Charter Day of the investment tax haven shell companies The Merchant Venturers.

Every 12th November the full dubious cast of Bristol's finest millionaire Merchant Venturers gather at Bristol Cathedral for 11am where they have a church service which lasts for about an hour and a half. Presumably to thank one of their gods for their incredible wealth and for the fact that the poor, ill and unemployed of the city don't rumble what they are up to & demand they pay their fair share.


Comments from EP website:
“Coincidence? Merchant Venturers and Tory cabinet are one elite millionaires' merchant banking cabal. What events today were the press not invited to? Candidate George Ferguson admitted at last Friday's College Green hustings that he is 'probably a paper millionaire.' 
How much PCC candidate and Merchant Venturer John Savage is worth is not known but it's thought to be more than the average Labour Party member.”
“My gosh two really big meetings in the Bristol area today. And a huge job for the police protection services. More importantly locally the Merchant Venturers, (one of their members is standing as Mayoral candidate) had their annual service at The Cathedral followed by a grand lunch at Merchants' Hall. A top hat and tails affair this. Then at Kingswood, which is not in Bristol, 23 men and women, good and true, come to town, otherwise known as Dave and the Whitehall Farce.”