Permaculture workday

by kebele permaculture collective
on Wednesday 14 Nov 2012

type: Event Notice
topic: The Environment
region: Bristol
event time: Saturday 17 Nov 2012 11:00

Royate Hill Community Orchard and Kebele Permaculture Allotment bimonthly workday
This Saturday 17th November
11am - 4pm (weather permitting) -  drop in anytime
We've got gardening gloves, but are a little short on handtools, so please bring your own if you got 'em
No gardening experience required

We usually stop for lunch around 1pm - please bring food to share & we'll provide the  tea and mulled cider

we are near Greenbank Cemetery and Eastville Park

This weekend's jobs...
use compost and make new bays!!
guttering on greenhouse to catch water
clear round trees - removing strawberry plants under fruit trees
tidying up, especially cider equipment

more bed weeding and planting green manure
woodchip paths