Queen to visit Bristol

by fan of the french royal family
on Wednesday 14 Nov 2012

type: News Report
topic: Miscellaneous
region: Bristol

On thursay (22nd) next week the queen will be visiting bristol to meet our new (as yet unknown) mayor and visit sites around the city. The Post reports thousands will line the streets, although as yet no details of times and locations have been revealed.

So whilst we all struggle with the effects of capitalism and austerity we're expected to celebrate one of the richest people in the country visitng our. 

So we can pretend that we're all in it together, rich and poor, when we know the truth is the capitalists, politicians, and aristocrats profit off of our hard labour whilst we struggle to survive.

While we struggle for freedom we can watch the symbol of our countries hierarchy parading through our streets.

Lets all get distracted and remember how British we are! 


For those of you free of bullshit patriotism maybe this song will get you in the mood: you tube link



Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acT_PSAZ7BQ