March on BBC against middle east bomings

by Paul Gettisburg
on Friday 16 Nov 2012

type: News Report
topic: Protests
region: Bristol

Litterarly 10s of people marched in protest of the recent bombings in Jeruselem, stopping public transport to and from the area for almost 15 minutes. The march culmintated at the BBC Broadcasting House on Whiteladies road leaving many spectators baffled and confused as to why the protest had anything to do with the Whitladies Road building, best known for post-production on the popular nature documentaries and radio dramas. One onlooker has been reported saying "I think there at the wrong building, in the wrong city... and what have the BBC got to do with the war in the Middle-East?" Many more onlookers were reported to be slighlty annoyed by the less than creative chants where-as most have been reported to not have been phased by the groups actions.